Pop the bubbly because it’s almost National Mimosa Day!

Every year on May 16th, we celebrate this delightful brunch classic. And here at Fat Ass, we want you to celebrate this sparkling cocktail with mimosa recipes and fun activities that will leave your friends saying, “Wow!”

So, what is a mimosa? 

A mimosa is a simple, nice, sophisticated drink that combines equal parts of champagne or sparkling wine with citrus juice, commonly orange juice. Its refreshing taste and vibrant color make it a popular choice for brunches, weddings, and other special occasions. 

What is National Mimosa Day?

National Mimosa Day is an annual observance celebrating the mimosa, a brunch favorite. It’s also a fun and engaging way to bring people together to appreciate the mimosa’s place in the art of cocktails.

The History of Mimosa

With a history as bright and bubbly as the drink itself, the mimosa emerged in France between the 1920’s and 1930’s. 

Credited to Parisian Ritz Hotel bartender Frank Meier, the mimosa’s champagne and orange juice combination was inspired by the sunny yellow mimosa flower. 

This namesake connection is no coincidence, as the mimosa’s color mirrored the flower’s cheerful blooms. From its French beginnings, the mimosa’s charm sparkled around the world, becoming a beloved brunch time staple.

Why We Love National Mimosa Day

Here at Fat Ass Ranch Winery & Brewery, we may specialize in Texas wines, sweet and fruity vinos, and craft brews and beers, but we can’t help but raise a glass to National Mimosa Day! 

Here’s why we secretly love this day:

  • Complementary Citrus Flavors: Spring is synonymous with vibrant flavors, and mimosas perfectly embody that spirit. While we don’t offer champagne ourselves, our very own “Rise and Shine Orange Mimosa Bottle” complements a classic mimosa beautifully. We love the idea of our customers incorporating it into their own creative mimosa variations.
  • Effortless Mixology: Unlike many cocktails, mimosas require minimal ingredients and equipment. You can make this quick and easy brunch beverage, even if you’re not a master mixologist.
  • Creative Cocktails: At Fat Ass Ranch Winery & Brewery, we’re all about experimentation and exploring new flavor profiles. National Mimosa Day inspires creativity! We love seeing the unique mimosa variations people come up with, using different juices, fruits, and even a splash of our Rise and Shine Orange Mimosa Bottle to their cocktail recipes.

Rise and Shine Mimosa Bottle

  • Sparkling Versatility: The refreshing blend of citrus and bubbles can elevate any occasion, not only brunches. Cool off during a summer afternoon, cozy with mimosa on a snowy day, or welcome the New Year with a festive toast.
  • Endless Customization: Mimosas offer a playground for creativity. You can experiment with different fruit juices, such as grapefruit, pomegranate, or peach nectar. For an extra twist, add a splash of liqueur, like elderflower or Chambord.
  • Community Cheers: Food and drinks unite people, and National Mimosa Day is no different! We love the sense of community that surrounds this day. Whether you’re enjoying mimosas at home with friends or touring wineries, it’s a chance to connect and celebrate the simple pleasures in life.
  • A Celebration of Quality Ingredients: A well-crafted mimosa starts with high-quality sparkling wine and fresh juice. As a winery/brewery, we appreciate the opportunity to showcase these elements in a simple yet enjoyable way.

Five Mimosa Recipes Starring Our Rise and Shine Mimosa Bottle

What better way to celebrate than with a delicious, bubbly brunch? Our Rise and Shine Orange Mimosa is the perfect base for all your mimosa creations.

  1. Classic Rise & Shine: Fill a champagne flute with a chilled Rise and Shine Orange Mimosa Bottle and top with your favorite dry sparkling wine. Garnish with a fresh orange slice for a timeless touch.
  2. Tropical Sunrise: Add a splash of pineapple juice and a dash of grenadine to your Rise and Shine base for a vibrant, layered mimosa reminiscent of a tropical getaway.
  3. Berry Burst: Mix up a handful of fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries) in the bottom of your champagne flute before adding Rise and Shine and your choice of sparkling wine.
  4. Sparkling Bellini: For a touch of Italian elegance, combine Rise and Shine with chilled Prosecco and a splash of peach nectar. Garnish with a peach slice for a delightful twist.
  5. Spiced Mimosa: Feeling adventurous? Add a sprinkle of cinnamon or a dash of clove syrup to your Rise and Shine base for a warm and inviting mimosa perfect for cooler days.

Rise and Shine Mimosa Wine

No matter your preference, these recipes will make your National Mimosa Day a bubbly delight!

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Mimosa Day

National Mimosa Day is all about celebrating this bubbly brunch favorite! But why limit the fun to just one meal if you can let your creativity flow?

Here are some creative ways to raise a glass and embrace the mimosa spirit:

  1. Mimosa Magic at Home:
  • Host a Themed Mimosa Brunch: Gather your loved ones for a festive brunch with a twist. Choose a theme like “Tropical Paradise” or “Around the World” and create mimosa variations using different juices and garnishes to match. 
  • Mimosa Tasting Party: Up the ante by hosting a mimosa tasting party. Set up a station with various juices, sparkling wines, and fruits. Let everyone mix and match to create their perfect mimosa masterpieces.
  • DIY Mimosa Treats: Feeling creative? Bake some delicious mimosa-inspired treats! From cupcakes to parfaits, your sweet creations will be the perfect complement to your bubbly beverages.
  1. Mimosa Adventures More Than a Brunch:
  • Mimosa Picnic in the Park: Take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy a mimosa picnic outdoors. Pack your favorite brunch bites, grab a bottle of our Rise and Shine Orange Mimosa Bottle and some sparkling wine, and find a sunny spot to relax and sip.
  • Rooftop Mimosa Party: Enjoy stunning city views with a bubbly twist at a rooftop bar for a sophisticated mimosa experience with breathtaking backdrops.
  • Breakfast for Dinner: National Mimosa Day falls on a Thursday this year. No problem! Turn the tables and have breakfast for dinner. French toast and mimosas are the perfect way to unwind after a long day.
  1. Explore the World of Mimosas:
  • Don’t Stick to Just Orange: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different juice flavors! Our Rise and Shine Orange Mimosa Bottle pairs beautifully with cranberry, grapefruit, or even a splash of peach nectar for a Bellini-inspired twist.
  • Think Non-Alcoholic: For a refreshing alternative, try a “mockmosa” using sparkling water or apple cider instead of champagne. This is a great option for everyone to enjoy!

Let’s Celebrate in Style!

So come on down to Fat Ass Ranch & Winery, grab a glass of Rise and Shine Orange Mimosa, and let’s toast a day brimming with sunshine, good company, and, of course, the perfect mimosa!