Memorial Day weekend holds so much more than just the start of summer and fun gatherings. It’s a time to deeply honor and remember those who have bravely served our country. As we raise our glasses to the fallen heroes, let’s fill our gatherings with drinks that perfectly complement our grilled favorites.

Read on as we will share with you the best wines and beers to go with your BBQ food. From white wines to Texas red wines, these alcoholic drinks can make your grilled food taste even better.

So, set up the grill, gather your friends and family, and check out these perfect beverages to make your BBQ awesome.

Wine and Beer Pairing for Delicious Memorial Day Barbecue

Wine Pairings


Chardonnay is a classic white wine with a rich, buttery texture. It also tastes like tropical fruits, which goes well with many BBQ dishes. This wine can stand up to the bold flavors of BBQ sauces and marinades. While its crisp taste helps balance out the richness of BBQ food.

Pinot Noir 

Have Pinot Noir with your BBQ this upcoming Memorial Day. Its fruity and earthy flavors go well with the smoky taste of grilled meats and veggies. The wine’s moderate tannins also help balance out the richness of BBQ sauces, elevating the meal. Whether you’re grilling burgers, ribs, or veggie skewers, serving Pinot Noir will make your food taste amazing and impress your guests.


When you’re hosting a Memorial Day BBQ, consider including Rosé wine on the menu. It has a beautiful pink color and a refreshing taste that goes well with a variety of BBQ dishes. It is best to pair with grilled chicken, seafood, salads, and vegetarian options.

The fruity flavor of Rosé complements the smoky taste of grilled meats, while its acidity balances out the richness of BBQ sauces and marinades.

Sauvignon Blanc

The tangy citrus flavors of the zesty white wine Sauvignon Blanc are perfect for pairing with grilled dishes. The refreshing taste cleanses your palate and also goes well with different foods. It’s also complemented with chicken and BBQ dishes. The light body and crisp acidity of Sauvignon Blanc make it a refreshing choice for hot summer days and great at any backyard party.


Zinfandel has yummy fruit flavors, a little spiciness, and a hint of sweetness. This red wine goes really well with grilled foods, burgers, and sausages. It’s perfect for enjoying the outdoors on summer days because of its juicy flavor that isn’t overpowering. Its bold flavors pair really well with BBQ meats, and the touch of sweetness helps balance out the spiciness of BBQ sauces. Plus, Zinfandel is a great choice to drink on its own or with food.

Beer Pairings

Beer Pairings with Memorial Day BBQ

Blonde Ale

This beer goes great with grilled seafood like salmon, lobster, or crab. Its citrusy flavor and crisp finish work well with the delicate flavors of seafood. It also goes well with chicken skewers, veggie burgers, and even grilled fruit salads.

India Pale Ale

If you like spicy BBQ, try pairing it with IPAs. The bitterness of the beer helps balance the heat. You can add some kick to your BBQ by using a South Carolina mustard sauce or Sriracha mayo, and then have it with an IPA to cool down your taste buds. IPAs also go well with fried chicken, so you can offer your guests a variety of flavors. 

Amber Ale

Amber Ale has a malty caramel and toasted biscuit flavors that pair well with grilled meats like pork ribs, sausages, and jerk chicken. If you’re a vegetarian, don’t worry. The clean, bright hoppiness and caramel notes also work great with pulled jackfruit tacos and grilled corn on the cob. So, when you’re firing up the grill, make sure to have some chilled amber ale on hand!

American Lager

This beer is a classic option for outdoor gatherings and parties. American lagers are light, crisp, and refreshing—just what everyone needs on the first warm weekend of the summer season!

Pairing Made Easy: No-Stress Tips for Your Memorial Day Feast

This guide provides a starting point, but there’s no single “right” answer when it comes to pairing drinks with food. Forget complicated charts and stressing about the “perfect” pairing! Matching drinks to your Memorial Day barbecue is all about finding what you enjoy.

So grab your favorite drinks, fire up the grill, and relax –summer is here!