It was a long day of work. You stretch, but the remnants of the exhausting tasks are still prickling at your shoulders. Then, you head straight for the kitchen, drawn by a familiar ritual. Reaching for a glass, the clink against the cupboard echoes in the quiet. Pouring the glass, you observe the ruby liquid swirl. But as you bring the glass to your lips. The wine, once a welcome reward, now feels predictable, not exciting, not interesting. It’s monotonous, a record on repeat, the same notes playing out night after night. 

Maybe tonight, your wine o’clock ritual needs a shake-up. 

If you haven’t joined a wine club membership yet, you are missing out on an opportunity to discover new wine o’clock favorites and save money!

Hesitant to join a wine club? Not sure how it works? Worried about the cost? Then this guide is for you!

We will help you understand the variety of club types and answer the most commonly asked questions about perks, fees, and varietal selection.

What is a Wine Club?

A wine club is like a Netflix subscription—except that the boxes you receive aren’t filled with binge-worthy movies or shows but with delicious wine bottles to explore and savor. 

In a wine club, you pay a winery or a wine club business a set amount of money. Then, they send you wines at certain times throughout the year. The charge could be recurring monthly, like your monthly Netflix membership, or a single charge when they ship your wines. 

Wine clubs can give you access to lower prices and wines you can’t find anywhere else. 

Types of Wine Club

Club Type Description Key Features
Winery Wine Clubs Run by a specific winery, offering only their wines * Exclusive access to the winery’s selections * Perks like winery events (harvest dinners, parties) * Access to library wines (older vintages)
Virtual Wine Clubs Online wine clubs, selling from various wineries * Wide variety of wines from different producers (often discounted) * Curated selections or mixed bottles
Bottle Shop/Restaurant Wine Clubs Buying clubs connected to stores or restaurants * Access to wines sold on their shelves or menus * Eclectic selections chosen by store/restaurant experts * Leverage buying power for potential discounts

5 Reasons Why You Must Buy Yourself a Fat Ass Wine Club Membership

Forget the guilt! Treating yourself to a wine club membership isn’t selfish. With a wine club, you can have delicious wines delivered right to your doorstep, making it super easy to entertain friends and family at home. Plus, you’ll get to discover new wines you may not have tried otherwise.

1. Great Discounts

As a member, you enjoy a 15% discount on all future wine purchases, and complimentary tastings. If you select twelve bottles of our Texas wines at any time, you will receive an increased discount of 20%.

This reason alone is enough to sign up for our wine club membership! But if saving money on delicious wine has already convinced you- and we wouldn’t blame you! – you can sign up for the club here. 

Discount Offers for Wine Club Members - Texas Winery

2. Bring the Fat Ass Winery Experience at Home

For many people, selecting an excellent wine can be daunting and requires sommelier-level knowledge. However, with Fat Ass Ranch Winery & Brewery, you can leave the selection to the experts. We pack your wine club shipment with our best sellers, an array of sweet and dry wines, and new releases.

You can now create a tasting room experience at home, whether you are enjoying a meal at the dinner table, cooking at the kitchen island, or relaxing on your back patio. 

Our vast selection of wines allows you to easily make your own flights. You can also explore our blog for pairing ideas to elevate your at-home tasting experience.

3. Convenience

It’s more convenient to have extra bottles of wine than you may think. When you need a last-minute gift, you can grab a bottle of wine. When you go out to dinner but don’t want to spend money on drinks, you can grab a bottle of wine. And when you’re going to an event and don’t know what to bring, grab a bottle of wine and be the life of the party! 

Planning is so much easier when you have a few extra bottles in the wine rack reserved for those “just in case” occasions. 

Our wine club memberships deliver a taste of Texas to your doorstep, saving you time, gas, and money.

4. Exclusive Events that Add Value to Membership

Forget waiting in line at crowded tastings. As a Fat Ass Wine Club member, you get exclusive invites to awesome parties and events just for members, complete with live music, food trucks and more!

5. Complimentary Tastings

With each visit, you can choose one of three awesome options – grab a complimentary glass of your favorite wine, explore new flavors with a tasting, or with a refreshing frozen wine drink!

Thirsty for Texas Taste? Join Fat Ass Family Today!

Texas has emerged as a prominent player in the American wine scene. While it is still an up-and-coming industry, Texan wine is gradually becoming a competitor to the well-established wineries of California and other regions.

As the popularity of Texan wine continues to grow, the membership of wine clubs is likely to become more exclusive and expensive. Therefore, we advise you to join our wine club as early as possible to secure your spot.

Here at Fat Ass Ranch Winery & Brewery, wine club membership doesn’t have to break the bank to give you access to world-class wine, though.

To be a Fat Ass member, you must be 21 years old and above. We strictly prohibited minors from joining our club. We also require your personal information during the process.

Be part of one of Texas’s best and fun wine clubs! We can’t wait to enjoy the Fat Ass wines experience with you!

Join the Fat Ass Family today!