Last April 8th, 2024, a total solar eclipse happened in North America!

Did you catch it?

We hope you did. It was an astronomical spectacle, and witnessing it was a humbling experience.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience at Fat Ass

The Great North American Eclipse was a grand phenomenon. The path of totality stretched from Texas to Maine, wherein the moon completely blocked the sun. It lasted only minutes but left skywatchers in marvel!

Watching Total Solar Eclipse 2024

The Fat Ass Ranch, located in the path of totality, organized a Total Solar Eclipse Watch Party that was absolutely remarkable. We, from the Fat Ass team, can’t even begin to describe the feeling of seeing the eclipse in all its glory. 

Because of our fresh atmosphere and wide open space, our winery became an ideal setting for witnessing the event. Total Solar Eclipse Watch party was celebrated from April 5th to April 8th, and everyone had a fantastic time!

A Toast Under the Darkness: A Recap of 2024 Total Solar Eclipse at Fat Ass Ranch

With our complimentary tram, guests mozied between the brewery and winery at their leisure. There was a live DJ that had everyone on their feet! Delicious bites were served by Big Daddy’s BBQ and Redd’s Iron Grill food trucks. Attendees enjoyed craft beers and exquisite wines at an open-air feast. Our winery also offered special access to the silos for more exclusivity.

A Celebration for Everyone

Though the clouds didn’t cooperate at times, the crowd watched in awe and anticipation of this natural phenomenon. At Fat Ass, we firmly believe, “The more the merrier.” Tickets were reasonably priced to welcome as many guests as possible, from wine club members and newcomers to families and fur babies. They were also encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs or blankets to have comfortable viewing spots on the spacious ranch.

Skywatchers at Fat Ass Ranch & Winery
The wonderful atmosphere, with live music by DJ Big Worll, food trucks, and amazing craft brews, made this event even more memorable. Fat Ass also had boutique merchandise options to help attendees commemorate the event in style. 

It Was an Absolutely Impressive Eclipse Gathering

Though the total solar eclipse on April 8th was a significant event, the Fat Ass Ranch gathering was equally impressive. The tickets were sold out to hundreds of attendees. They gathered under the sky, witnessed the eclipse, and shared this unique experience with friends and families

Sherry, the organizer of the event, perfectly captured the spirit in her closing remarks:

“Thank you to everyone who celebrated Totality with us! It was a time to relax, unite with friends from near and far, and be inspired. Let’s keep the good vibes going!”

Looking back on that moment, we will always remember good memories, laughter, clinking glasses, and the radiance of the Fat Ass Ranch & Winery.

Let’s toast to the success of the Solar Eclipse get-together! We’re excited to host more inspiring gatherings in the future. 

Cheers to our Fat Ass Family!